Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic Soothing Shampoo

Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic shampoo. The best Ayurvedic gentle daily shampoo contains essential oils to nourish and revitalise hair, massage into the scalp to cleanse and fortify all hair conditions.
Active ingredients: amla and aretha. Our pure, gentle daily shampoo is laced with an Ayurvedic protein of amla and aretha, which nourishes, cleanses and fortifies all hair conditions. Complementing this is one of Tri-Dosha’s signature scents of cedar wood, chamomile and sweet orange to guarantee a calming and soothing aroma. 
Made with % naturally derived ingredients 
Wild crafted and vegan 
Ayurvedic formulation 
Active essential oil: cedar wood, chamomile, sweet orange 
Makes for a perfect bathing gift formulated with high quality ingredients 

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